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How it works using our instant Quote tool

You can get completely set-up as a customer with our instant quote tool above.  Put in your address in the search bar above and follow the instructions.  Once you are set-up we will get you on the schedule.  We always get your application completed in the month it is suppose to be completed in.  Our technician will put a flag in the yard the day of application with our name on it so that you know we've been there.  For liquid applications stay off of lawn until dry to touch.

We special in residential lawn care.  If your turf square footage is above 15,000 sq. ft. let us know and we will get you an estimate!  

You get set-up for automatic payments by putting your credit/debit card on file through the card form. We charge your card on the first of each month for any services that occurred the previous month. We send a paid invoice to your email. You can cancel at anytime. No pre-payments. Only pay for completed work.

Why Choose US? See The Epic Difference!

  •          Go Local! True Local company (not a national Franchise).  Owner lived in Lexington Kentucky his entire life. 
  •          4.9 rating on Google with 200 plus reviews!  
  •          Award winning service.  2023 Neighborhood favorite on NextDoor! 
  •      Same friendly faces with dedicated technician (we treat our employees right and don’t have a revolving door of technicians)  
  •          Kid and pet friendly! 
  •          We BEAT most competitions’ pricing!
  •          No complicated pricing structure. No pre-payments. No contracts.  Cancel at any time.
  •          Unlimited broadleaf weed visit touch-ups in-between applications at no additional charge.
  •          Environmentally friendly: we don’t douse your lawn with unnecessary chemicals when spraying. 
  •          The best products and materials applied at the correct times.
  •          Won’t call you in the evening trying to upsell you on something you don’t need     

1st application (March):  consists of a seasonal spring fertilizer to jumpstart your grass growth and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

2nd application (April): liquid blanket application of broadleaf weeds for weeds that exist.  This will kill those pesky winter weeds that have germinated end of winter/early spring.

3rd application (May):  late spring fertilizer to keep your grass green and lush.

4th application (June): liquid blanket application of broadleaf weeds that have germinated since the April application.

5th application (July/August): summer fertilizer that consists of a slow release nitrogen fertilizer to keep your lawn fed throughout the summer.

---September is usually the best time to have aeration and overseeding performed (not part of the fertilization and weed-control program)  click here to find out more: Aeration and Overseeding

---also check out our army worm/grub control page

6th application (October): one final liquid blanket application for broadleaf weeds. This will kill all the weeds that have germinated before winter weather sets in.  This will make it so the weeds you have the following year are only newly germinated weeds and your lawn isn’t carrying over last year’s weeds. 

7th application (November): a seasonal fertilizer designed to develop the root system for winter and give your lawn a faster green-up in the spring.