Core Aeration + Overseeding

This is one of the best and most fundamental lawn treatments available to stimulate the healthy growth of your lawn. An aerator machine makes finger sized holes in your yard and deposits the plugs on the surface for breakdown. It opens the pores of compacted soils and reduces unhealthy thatch buildup. Compaction and thatch are the primary obstacles that keep nutrients, water, and air from reaching the root structure.  As the plugs break down it helps to decompose the thatch.  It is recommended that aeration be done annually in the fall.

 Over seeding helps thicken existing grass and fill in small bare spots.  This is not lawn renovation, which is a complete redo of the lawn. Over seeding is done right after aeration and is done to help thicken bare spots and thinned out grass.  After aeration, grass seed is spread with a broadcast spreader over the entire yard. The seed not only germinates in the holes but it can also adhere to the plugs and germinate.  After the grass seed is spread, we spread starter fertilizer over the entire yard. This is essential to give your new grass seed a healthy jump start. 


Watering is absolutely essential to successful over seeding.  If you don’t water, over seeding is pointless.  Once the grass seed is watered it is activated and needs to stay moist. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to germinate.  This means watering every day or at the very least every other day.  Water until the first inch of soil is saturated. Once the seed germinates it needs to be watered for the new grass seedlings to survive. 



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