Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mow and treat residential lawns?

Yes!  Residential properties are our specialty!  

How do you offer such low prices with legal workers?

Because we mow over 800 residential lawns in Lexington with very efficient routes and treat over 500.  The economies of scale helps us to be very competitive while paying for legal, qualified workers. 

Is Epic Lawn Care insured and licensed?

Yes!  Epic Lawn Care carries liability insurance for the business and workers compensation for the employees.  We also carry licenses whenever needed.

Who does the actual work?

Epic Lawn Care has a dedicated team of employees who are thoroughly trained.  It is also not uncommon to see the owners out there on the mowers or laying down mulch in flower beds beside the employees.  We do not use subcontractors.  

Does your staff speak English?

Yes, all of our staff speaks and reads English.  We do not hire illegal labor which is common in this type of service orientated business.

How do we pay?

We put a credit card on file and charge it at the end of each month.  You don't have to worry to pay us!  We send you a receipt!