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Why Work for Us?  What makes us different from other companies?


  • You get most weekends off!  Yes, you heard that right!  Our team is so efficient in job completion each week that last year we worked zero Saturdays and Sundays.  You get the weekends with your family!
  • You are guaranteed 40 hours a week pay even if things dry up and work is not available.  This of course assumes you show up every day!
  • You get matching dollar for dollar retirement from day one if you choose to do so!
  • Competitive pay!  We pay at the top of the industry standard!  Once you get accustomed to mowing with us, we put you on p4p (paid for performance).  Our guys love it!  In a nutshell you get 15% of the revenue.  For a lot of guys that’s somewhere between $23-$32 per hour. 
  • We treat our employees with respect.  We treat you as a valuable team member and not as a dispensable asset.  We often hear of how lawn bosses tend to be jerks; we strive to be the opposite of that. 
  • We have developed and maintained a great work culture.  Our employees enjoy working here.  It is not uncommon for our guys to grab a beer together after work or on the weekend.
  • Room to move up in the company.  We are a growing company and our looking for future leaders. 
  • We have a high employee retention rate.  Some guys have been here over a decade, ever since we started the company. 
  • If you are crew member and do good this year you could be a crew leader next year!  See below the benefits of being a crew leader.


Crew Leaders (Big potential Perk)

A crew leader is a member of our team of whom the following is true:

  • Is 100% dependable and on time.
  • We have a 100% trust relationship with.
  • Knows how to safely and efficiently operate all the equipment. 
  • Has a clean driving record and can safely drive a truck and trailer.
  • Can safely and efficiently get all the lawns and routes done with a high quality of work and customer service.
  • Can manage another team member or two to help complete the routes
  • You start with us at the beginning of the season and not part way through. 

Perk: If you can do all the above then you could qualify for 30 hours a week of “winter pay” your first year.  Winter pay is defined by Epic Lawn Care as “a guaranteed paycheck during the slow months of winter usually around 12 weeks from beginning of December to the beginning of March”.  You could potentially get another job and get a paycheck from us over the winter or go live in Florida and Still get paid by Epic. This all assumes we have a complete trust relationship with you and you commit to a full season the following season. 

 We are a growing company not a stagnant company.  We are always looking for crew members and crew leaders to help us grow!

Keep in mind this job is for hard working individuals that want to make good money.  We mow over 800 lawns in Lexington and continue to grow!

Crew Members that we really like and meet certain qualifications are eligible to get paid 15 hours a week of "winter pay."

hear what the crew says about epic lawn care.

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  • How is it working for Epic Lawn Care?

    "It was the best decision I've ever made. This is my 6th consecutive season " - David

    "Absolutely wonderful." - Tom

  • use 3 words to describe working for Epic Lawn Care ?

    "Challenging, exciting, rewarding ."

    "Inspiring. Motivating. Encouraging."

  • What did you think of the owners of Epic Lawn Care?

    They are the best, they really care about their employees and don't just view them as profit making machines
    Incredibly generous and very personable.