Mosquito Control 5 Step Program

Comparison to other companies. 

Most companies charge around around the same price we do per application but come twice as many times as we do!  We only visit once per month (saving you money)!

Key Points:

  • We will visit every 30-45 days for a total of 5 visits.  The start and stop time of program will vary depending on the weather but probably start sometime in May and end sometime in September or October. 
  • It will be applied through a mister/fogger that looks like a back pack blower with a tank on top of it.
  • We will spray areas where mosquitos like to hang out such as in foliage, under decks, bushes, and trees up to 10 feet tall.  We will also create a barrier along fences and hedgerows to keep mosquitos from entering your property. We will also spray around the perimeter of your house.
  • It will be safe to re-enter yard around one hour after spraying or when dry.
  • It also helps control 30 other different types of pest including ticks, ants, flies, terminates, and cockroaches. 
  • Just like any other program we can’t promise there will never be any mosquitos but it will help to greatly reduce and control them and most people who have used this program have been very happy.  The goal is to greatly reduce "the slaps" per night!  

How is this different than other Mosquito Programs?

  • We will be using an advanced type of insecticide that sprays different size capsules.  The smaller capsules release an instant active ingredient for a fast knock down and the larger capsules break down slowly for a longer lasting residual control.  Most companies use a less advanced insecticide and have to visit every 14 days for the entire season to control the mosquito population.
  • We will also use a growth regulator that will interrupt the immature life stages of the mosquito and prevent it from developing into an adult.  It will also help sterilize the male mosquitos, which will result in unfertilized eggs.  Most companies don’t offer growth regulators with their program. 
  • The other big difference is PRICE.  You get more bang for your buck.  We will be charging similar prices compared to other companies but with only half the visits.